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By dancing, we can increase positive effects to our physical and mental health, which can promote a healthier state of well-being. Aktos and Ogce coined dance as "the most fundamental human behavior and art forms, involving direct expression through the body" (2005, pg.408) because it enhances self-expressiveness. Some therapists believed that emotional and mental problems are often held in our bodies, as forms of muscle tension and self-conscious movements (Aktos & Ogce, 2005). As a way of testing this, some therapists incorporated dance therapy in their stress management practices. They noticed significant outcomes such as stress management, a reduction in stress levels, and a better quality of life (QOL), deeming dance, a treatment modality (Brauninger, 2014).

Dancing was considered a useful way to get in touch with the "conscious and unconscious components of their psyche by using movement" (Aktos & Ogce, 2005, pg. 409). A person can’t develop self-awareness without first, being mindful. Jon Kabat-Zinn stated that “Mindfulness is the key to self-awareness,” in his mission statement, during the launch of his Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program (Kabat-Zinn, 2017, pg.1).

Dance movement is often praised for the benefits that it provides through body conditioning. Many people use dance to increase their flexibility, muscle strength, balance, and coordination, and stabilize their breathing. The physical movements that are used during a dance routine can often enhance the functioning of bodily systems, which generate a healthier circulation for the body. Considering dance as an exercise, individuals develop a positive body image, self-esteem, reduces chronic pain, stress, body tension, and depression (Aktos & Ogce, 2005).

Dancing can improve the brain functioning of individual's that suffer from dizziness and memory loss, by guiding the brain to prevent these issues from surfacing. When the brain is healthy functioning, the following occurs, positive behavioral changes, steady breathing, and proper circulations in blood vessels and veins (Philadelphia Integrated Medicine, 2018). To establish balance and coordination during a dance routine, Dart-Harris (2015) provides the beneficial functions of the mentioned bodily systems: which I recorded in the table below:

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Even though you don't believe it, you will, I'm sure of it. Sincerely, I say this because you never know who might need some encouraging words—let's face it, we all could use it. I'm here to remind you that even if things may feel hazy, confusing, doubtful, or even painful right now, they are just temporary, and they don't define who you are. The truth is that everything we experience in life is just temporary, even though it may feel like forever when it's happening. You start to lose faith, start to question your sanity, and you could even start to feel guilty. It's so easy to focus on what isn't or what is challenging, but we must remember that even bad days evolve into good days eventually.

I frequently encourage mental health wellness because I think we can eliminate the stigma attached to mental illness if we were more knowledgeable and open about it. You don't need to have a mental illness diagnosis for this topic to apply to you; we can all relate. What do you think would happen to your mental health if you kept on thinking about the setbacks and suffering you encountered at a difficult time? If everything remained stagnant, the world would not develop and grow; the good cannot exist without the bad. Duality is essential since life is a constantly changing experience. If people, challenges, happiness, and everything else we know in life weren't transitory, we couldn't get better over time.

How good are you at spotting those beautiful moments when things start to get better? We may start to worry about things that haven't even happened yet. We tend to think back on the past, which could bring up painful memories. So, is there a middle ground? How can we recognize the good when it appears in front of us, how do we take use of our wonderful moments? According to the Nurtured Heart Institute, people should use emotionally nourishing words and therefore should reflect on the following questions: “What is so great about what I am seeing?” or “What do I appreciate about this moment in front of me?”

The goal is for you to understand the significance of what you experience. Have a good Wednesday!

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Since there is no safety anywhere, it is time to take matters into our own hands. Who is to blame for the outcomes? Is it the government or the public? Or maybe both; We're supposed to cooperate, hold each other accountable, and encourage each other, but this hasn't happened in years. Citizens, operators, children, and even animals appear to be without protection. Violence has grown prevalent, and voices of the people are being ignored. I tend to question the government's intentions because they have the means and opportunity to prevent many issues, but instead do the complete opposite. It appears that basic human rights are being slowly but steadily taken away from us.

They blame violence on mental illness, claiming that there are so many sick people on the streets, which I agree with, but let's not put the entire burden on mental illness. The truth is that many people who suffer from mental illnesses are not violent. People believe that we should avoid them at all costs and that there is no way to help someone who has one, but this is not the case. How are you assisting those who are in need? Is high-quality service available to everyone? If so, is it affordable? Are there enough providers to help these people? Stop blaming mental illness for bad behavior; they knew exactly what they were doing because that was their intention. In such a circumstance, they are entitled to the consequences of their conscious decisions.

Let's talk about gun violence and how people tend to blame the guns, rather than the person who pulls the trigger. People no longer use their words or even their fists; instead, they reach for a gun. It's as easy as heading into your local Footlocker and buying a pair of sneakers to get your hands on a gun. They frequently end up in the wrong hands, whether they obtain them legitimately or illegally. Innocent people are being injured because of errant gunfire. A traumatized person suffering from life circumstances and cowardice believes that letting a few rounds fly will give them a sense of strength. They often claim that having access to a firearm is the common denominator in every firearm-related death or injury, which appears plausible, but there are several complex elements that aren't being addressed. Even though gun-related crime is on the rise, we must approach these circumstances with an open mind. Yes, gun control is necessary, yes, the age to acquire a handgun should be raised, yes, you should have a permit to carry a firearm, but a huge part of this is the reality that a lot of these violent crimes start with people who have a long criminal record and are repeat offenders.

We've received numerous reports of guns being purchased illegally from other states, and in some cases, the suspect was under surveillance prior to the bust, giving them extra time to carry and sell illegal firearms. Why have you been waiting so long? Why should we allow it? And why are you letting them free before they finish their sentences if they are caught? So many questions, so few answers, but I feel we've gotten them and must now act. To eliminate or reduce gun violence, the criminal justice system must be improved. If you know how illegal guns are getting into the city and have a strategy and the means to stop them, why penalize and prohibit law-abiding citizens from strolling into their nearest gun store to lawfully obtain handguns to protect themselves? Will Stop and Frisk be reinstated? Will you change the bail reform law so that these criminals serve the time they deserve in prison?

All forms of violence are perpetrated against citizens who are unable to protect themselves due to laws that prevent them from doing so. Due to a lack of emotional intelligence and an inability to handle a simple "no," some men do harm to women. Our bus and train operators are being assaulted as they try to transport us to and from our destinations safely; some of our citizens are being pushed into the train tracks at random; our delivery men and women are being shot or threatened if there is something wrong with their order. At any given time, innocent hardworking people are robbed or assaulted with knives, often in broad daylight; schools, supermarkets, movie theaters, malls, churches, spas, trains, bodegas, graduations, and funerals, among other places, are targeted. What became of humanity? Where is the compassion and love? Where is the assistance?

Finally, when criminals are apprehended, many citizens jump for joy, but they are celebrating a false victory. The issue is that many of the criminals get released even though it is usually not their first offense. You could then question why they were allowed to roam the streets freely instead of serving their sentences. Please make that make sense. I say start standing firm in what you believe and be the change you want to see. Many things would change if more people recognized we are the ones with the power. But, for it to happen, there must be unity.

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