People are concerned about the lack of compassion and peace in the world. Some of us are trying to bring peace to a world divided by hatred, violence, and despair. Some people are unaware that we already have the keys, but we're not making good use of them. Due to the pandemic, inflation, a spike in gun violence, and mental health issues, the world is falling. Regardless of race, gender, social status, or religion, we have all been affected by the pandemic in some way.

Our children, in my opinion, are the ones who are most affected. Children are our future, yet there will be no future if we do not protect them. Every child is one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable, and contributes something to the world that no one else can. We must recognize that everyone of us is a piece in the jigsaw puzzle that I like to refer to as life. A puzzle isn't complete until all of the pieces are in place. If we are the pieces, it indicates that we all contribute to the final result, which is oneness. A world devoid of unity is a world devoid of peace. There is bitterness, rage, and a lack of compassion in the absence of peace.

Some of our children have been victims of other people's wrongdoings, they suffer from mental health issues, low self-esteem, food insecurity, and a plethora of other indescribable issues that have worsened since the pandemic. Frank A. Maffei and Cathleen Palm, child activists, discovered that child abuse kills more children than the COVID-19 virus. According to their COVID-19 pediatric data, the pandemic has had a significant negative impact on children.

"When a child dies, the promise that was that child’s life is now lost and society is less because of it," says Maffei and Palm. The number of emergency room visits for adolescent suicide attempts has increased, and isolation and alienation are worsening the problems that children and teenagers already confront. Despite the efforts of many organizations to ensure that our children have access to their programs, it is simply not enough.

As a result of the pandemic, children are experiencing depression and anxiety:

  • Children who do not eat three meals a day and look forward to going to school to do so are no longer able to do so.

  • Children from broken homes who want to go to school are unable to do so because they are forced to stay in an abusive environment and take lessons online.

  • Schoolchildren are terrified for their safety after a fellow student chooses to carry a firearm to school and shoot it up.

  • Some kids are buying guns and carrying them to school and other places because they don't feel safe traveling without one.

  • As a result of an alarming increase in gun violence, innocent youngsters are being killed by stray bullets.

Experts, parents, and service providers are all concerned, but I'm wondering as to what they plan to do about it. Community leaders and government officials, in my opinion, need to be more effective in their approaches since they continue to tell us that they are here for us and that they would defend us, but they have yet to do so.

Do we just sit and wait? Or do we take the initiative and do something ourselves.

We must save our children; the purity of our children can heal the world.

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Are you expressing your gratitude?

Happy New Year!

We greet the year 2022 with open arms. As we enter a new year, we look forward to a fresh start; many of us see a new year as an opportunity to start over. It may be a new diet, a new home, or a new hairstyle. We all have different ways of starting over, but when the year began, we were bombarded with awful news daily.

A lot of pain has come with the new year. So many people have died in horrific circumstances. This includes workers who are killed while on the job, as well as children and adults who die as a result of natural catastrophes such as floods, hurricanes, and devastating fires. The ability to leave and return home in peace is an underrated blessing. We should never take these things for granted. Learn to be content with what you have, not because you shouldn't want more, but because someone is always in a worse circumstance.

So, are you expressing your gratitude?

Gratitude is the quality of being grateful; it is the willingness to express gratitude for and return kindness. It can begin with being grateful for the small things, such as clean air, water, a home, your job, and the list goes on indefinitely like the square root of pie.

Examples of gratitude:

  • Be grateful to the person who prepared your meal.

  • Gratitude for your good health.

  • Take the time to thank the person who cleans your house or watches your kids.

  • Recognize your coworker for taking the initiative to lighten your load.

  • Being grateful for the independence you provide to yourself.

I, for one, am grateful for life and the chance I still have to live it, a second chance to try again. I'm grateful for a lot of things, and while I try my hardest to communicate my gratitude, I know I need to work more and be more consistent.

As I previously indicated, the new year is frequently regarded as a fresh start. Imagine losing everything or everyone in a fraction of a second after the new year. My prayers and condolences go out to all the victims, as well as adequate recovery for the survivors, as tragedy will have a significant mental and emotional impact on them.

I wish you all a great Monday, and also a very happy New Year!

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Mental Health in the United States:

Despite the fact that many people in the United States have been vaccinated against the virus and are able to live a lifestyle similar to that of pre-pandemic times, the country's population continues to be plagued by worry and sadness. Many Americans' mental health has deteriorated as a result of the pandemic, and worry and sadness are still prevalent.

New concerns regarding the Omicron variant and its potential impact on public life this winter. The new strain, which, according to early reports, may be more contagious than earlier strains, is already spreading in the United States, causing alarm. The impact on mental health will be severe if Omicron leads to another Covid-19 rise.

When I was thinking about the rising mental health rates in the United States, the following thoughts sprang to me.

  • What are we doing in terms of mental health prevention for individuals who are already dealing with mental health issues?

  • Are there adequate inexpensive and accessible mental health wellness treatments for such people?

  • Are these programs available in children's and adults' social institutions?

  • Is the proper amount of cash going to these kinds of services?

These issues may be posed, but definitive answers are difficult to come by.

"Despite vaccinations," Silvia Saccardo, a social scientist and co-author of a recent study on college students at the University of Pittsburgh, says, "we still see that people are not returning to pre-pandemic levels of wellbeing."

Taking care of your mental health:

Taking care of your physical health is vital enough, but mental health is one of the most crucial aspects of one's life to consider and safeguard. I'd like to relate our mental health to an Octopus's mantle. The mantle is an important structure that houses all of the organs and aids in breathing and contraction.

The eight tentacles can be considered the dimensions of health itself, given that mental health is like a mantle for people. Physical, emotional, social, economical, energy, spiritual, intellectual, and occupational dimensions are all possible.

There must be balance in all elements of life; if one area is weaker than the others, the individual will be unbalanced.

The food we eat is another crucial part of our mental wellness. Nutrition and mental health go hand in hand. Some meals, vegetables, and fruits are essential for our daily consumption because they support brain and nervous system function.

Regardless of the fact that we are going through difficult circumstances, it is critical that we continue to look after ourselves, and if you are unsure how or where to begin, the first step is to ask.

Be safe, be well, stay prayed, and peace out!

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