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Updated: Oct 7, 2021

I figured I'd tackle a problem that appears to be in desperate need of attention. "Sympathetic pity and care for the pains or misfortunes of others," according to the textbook definition of compassion. Fortunately, I was born with the ability to feel compassion for others, but having too much sympathy for someone who doesn't even have compassion for themselves might be dangerous. It took me a long time to grasp the concept of feeling compassion for individuals who harm you. Let me tell you, this isn't a simple task. "How could I have compassion for someone who purposefully harmed me?" I'd ask myself.

Because you never know what a person is going through or what their situation is, it is critical to exhibit compassion for people. Is this a sign that I should let it go? Well, that's something you'd have to work out for yourself. Because some people are spiritually absent or clueless, it's not always the person who is mistreating you. Compassion is what separates you from the jealous or envious individual who knows nothing about you or your process yet despises you. Have compassion; sometimes something you do or your general presence irritates someone, making them feel inferior or inferior. They'd never confess it, but they know it's because of their insecurities. Have sympathy for these people since they don't know any better; if a person loves himself sufficiently, they won't need compassion. It all starts from within.

You must have sympathy in some circumstances for folks who have outbursts and project their negative feelings onto those who had nothing to do with their problems. Have compassion on these folks; they're hurting and seeking someone to blame, and they're probably going through some internal turmoil. Does this imply that I should provide them with "get out of jail free" treatment? No. Simply forgive them, show compassion, and go the opposite path.

Compassion drives people to go out of their way to help others and themselves who are suffering from physical, mental, or emotional distress. Some people are so engrossed in a way of life and/or thinking that they are oblivious to their actions and statements (I emphasize sometimes). People usually know, but they wish you don't. Again, feel compassion for these people; they have no idea what's going on.

We're all just people! We live in a world that is quietly but steadily deteriorating and losing its value.

Our society lacks compassion in a world that rewards and are all about power and profit. We're all just people! We're all hurting, feeling, and trying to get back on our feet. At some point, you have to take responsibility for your poor behavior and stop being a victim. You did or said it because you wanted to, and it made you feel good at the moment. I can sympathize with you, but I can assure you that you will never have the opportunity to do so again. Not to mention our current events. During these tough and challenging days, I hope everyone stays safe and sane. As a result of the epidemic, mental health rates have increased. People have been crumbling under strain, as I've noticed. Personally, I've always understood how bad some people can be, but I've seen a lot of people's true colors shown. People, places, and things are being revealed to be exactly who and what they are. During this pandemic, many people have lost their lives, relatives, friends, careers, assets, and even their minds. Some people have shown compassion for others by volunteering, donating, lending a hand, or providing low-cost or no-cost services to those in need.

I must admit, some humility has been quite beneficial. Regrettably, there is still a significant part to account for. Many people have treated others badly, and the pandemic has been used to take and harm people. Some people, I believe, forget that we are all humans, that we all bleed, that we all pain, and that we all have the option of living a good or poor life. Anything, good or horrible, might happen to any of us at any time, with the snap of a finger! Have empathy for others, since it might have been you!

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