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Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Word for the day is: MANIPULATION

Manipulation is a behavior that involves controlling or influencing someone or something in a dishonest manner such that they are unaware of it. Almost everything we see nowadays has been manipulated in some way. Many people use manipulation to gain influence over someone, somewhere, or something.

When it comes to employing manipulation as a tool, it can be beneficial. Managers can motivate their employees to achieve some of their goals when they are used positively. When used in a physical aspect, such as alternative medicine, manipulation can be useful. This can include chiropractic services, exercise, yoga, and other treatments that use the body's tissue and muscle.

When does manipulation become a problem?

Since manipulation is all about self-control, many people use it to exert control over

others. Manipulation can take the form of someone doing something they know they shouldn't do but do nonetheless in order to feed their ego.

You are aware that a person has feelings for you, but you have chosen to ignore those feelings in order to play off the individual's emotions. This person then tries to take advantage of the fact that the other person likes you by attempting to obtain something that they desire. Money, time, gifts, energy, attention, and a variety of other items could be among them.

When someone confronts another person about their activities, they say things like "I didn't know," "if I knew, I wouldn't have done that," and "why didn't you tell me?" Gaslighting is when someone says things like "I didn't know," "if I knew, I wouldn't have done that," and "why didn't you tell me?"

Manipulation can occasionally be a woman who has developed feelings for a married male coworker. Even though the worker is married, the female employee uses seduction, exposing attire, and flattery to persuade the male coworker to yearn after her and even become involved with her.

Manipulation also includes withholding facts from someone. The expression "I tell you what I want you to know" is frequently used, yet it can be harmful, especially in love relationships. This type of manipulation confuses the receiver by leaving them with ambiguous information. You're attempting to control the narrative by withholding information, leading the other person's perspective and feelings to fluctuate.

Manipulation can be demonstrated in circumstances where you employ items that the other person likes since you know you'll want them to do or give you something. A person who ordinarily does not compliment you does so in order to ask for a favor a few days later. Another example is a lady cooking her husband's favorite dinner and then asking for a loan.

Manipulation is the practice of paying or giving money or gifts to those who agree to take a vaccine. Many people's ideas are frequently manipulated by the media. We are shown what we are supposed to see and hear at any given time, with no way of knowing whether or not what we are seeing is truly happening in real-time.

Control is linked to manipulation, and many people love manipulating others because it offers them a sense of power and immediate fulfillment.

If we wish to improve the world, we must first examine within, recognize the true problem, and attempt to solve it. Be the change you want to see in the world.

Be well.

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