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You're Going to Be Okay

Even though you don't believe it, you will, I'm sure of it. Sincerely, I say this because you never know who might need some encouraging words—let's face it, we all could use it. I'm here to remind you that even if things may feel hazy, confusing, doubtful, or even painful right now, they are just temporary, and they don't define who you are. The truth is that everything we experience in life is just temporary, even though it may feel like forever when it's happening. You start to lose faith, start to question your sanity, and you could even start to feel guilty. It's so easy to focus on what isn't or what is challenging, but we must remember that even bad days evolve into good days eventually.

I frequently encourage mental health wellness because I think we can eliminate the stigma attached to mental illness if we were more knowledgeable and open about it. You don't need to have a mental illness diagnosis for this topic to apply to you; we can all relate. What do you think would happen to your mental health if you kept on thinking about the setbacks and suffering you encountered at a difficult time? If everything remained stagnant, the world would not develop and grow; the good cannot exist without the bad. Duality is essential since life is a constantly changing experience. If people, challenges, happiness, and everything else we know in life weren't transitory, we couldn't get better over time.

How good are you at spotting those beautiful moments when things start to get better? We may start to worry about things that haven't even happened yet. We tend to think back on the past, which could bring up painful memories. So, is there a middle ground? How can we recognize the good when it appears in front of us, how do we take use of our wonderful moments? According to the Nurtured Heart Institute, people should use emotionally nourishing words and therefore should reflect on the following questions: “What is so great about what I am seeing?” or “What do I appreciate about this moment in front of me?”

The goal is for you to understand the significance of what you experience. Have a good Wednesday!

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